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La Borinsura me llaman! Get To Know Me & My Work

My unique style.
My unique technique.

I am a Puerto Rican professional dancer and instructor recognized for my original style of dance and flavor, also known as “sabrosura”. I have won multiple World Salsa Championships and have taken my art to over 100 countries for the past 20 years, dancing at the most renowned Latin dance festivals in the world.

Sabor Boricua!

I believe dancing is about expressing your emotions and personality and not about fitting a specific dance pattern, technique or level of experience.

At the age of 5, I began dancing ballet, jazz and Puerto Rican folklore at Yuly Mayoral Dance Academy- a historic dance school in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Fun fact: when I was 16 years old I was featured in the movie, “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”.

Throughout my career, I participated in dance teams such as, “Sabor Latino” and the famous, “Papa Tambor”. In addition to being a solo artist, I also had the pleasure of collaborating for many years with Juan Matos, Frank Santos, Falco Benalcazar and currently partnering with Adolfo Indacochea.

During my travels, I have developed the ability to bring together many cultures, styles, and techniques, allowing me to provide a unique experience for my students and peers.