For bookings, private lessons or special events please send me an email to or call/text 1-973-986-9308

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Membership Packages

All weekly classes are included and only can be streamed if you buy one of our monthly membership packages, please choose and buy the one of your preference.

Monthly Subscriptions

Enjoy unlimited virtual classes in al rhythms and take your dance skills to the next level with our membership packages. Pick your favorite!

    $ 100 monthly
    • 8 lessons of 45 minutes each
    • This course is an introduction to on2 dancing and basic mambo steps.
    • Not partner needed
    • Get ready to learn how to dance in no time

    $ 79.99 monthly
    • Full Access to all open level, Intermediate and Advanced Levels from Monday to Friday.
    • Master classes are not included.
    • Subscribers get a 30% off in Master Classes

    $ 59.99 monthly
    • Full Access to all the lessons in the open level from Monday to Friday
    • Does not include access to Master Lessons
    • Subscribers have a 30% discount in all Master Lessons